Warmly celebrate Qi Kempu three stylish children's store is about to grand opening

Warmly celebrate the fashion store Qiqiupu Harbin thousands of department stores, Chongqing New Century counter, Taiyuan, Shanxi same-person mall store is about to grand opening! Superb design, refined a 糸 column style, fashion, leisure, comfort, natural, healthy, playful, colorful colors and cute unique taste, I believe will be loved by children in Shanxi, I welcome the majority of parents bring their children together Visit to buy! Beauty Network Xiaobian also in this Shuzhuang Zhuang general popular children's clothing store is booming, wide source of money! Qi Kepu fashion Harbin children's department store opened on September 15 Kempinski fashionable children's clothing Chongqing New Century counters opened on September 5 Kempinski Cape products for the growth and development of children's natural cotton at the end of fabric, environmental protection, safety, combination Colorful colors, stylish decorative design, the product unique, especially children naive, elegant and personalized side. The price set in the high, the middle, suitable for children over the age of 0 to 16 years old, as long as the Qi Kempura, there are certainly suitable for your choice of products. Qi Village Pu Shanxi Taiyuan same-person shopping center opened on September 28 Qi Village, rich variety of products, in addition to children's clothing also extends to children's shoes, children's hats, socks, backpacks and other children's products for free with the combination.

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