Buy jade jewelry needs to see jade

Buy jade jewelry needs to see jade

Mainly look at the emerald and the species, the water against each other

When the jadeites talk about jade, they often mention the word "bottom", so that the layman can't figure it out. What is the "bottom" of jade? The "bottom" of jade is also called "land" or "land". The "bottom" is an intuitive feeling of the human eye on the appearance and interior of the jade jewelry, and it is also an indicator for comprehensively evaluating the quality of jadeite. Evaluate the "bottom" and pros and cons of a jadeite finished product or semi-finished product, mainly to see the effect of emerald and seed and water.

Among the many indicators for judging the quality of jadeite in terms of color (color), texture (species), transparency (water), land (bottom), craft level (work) and weight, the most visible but incomprehensible is "Bottom". The "bottom" is a characteristic of the light green base part except green, which is a combination of jade texture (species), transparency (water), gloss, clarity and light tone.


The "bottom" is more of an aesthetic indicator, so the evaluation of the "bottom" is not quantifiable. The background color is other colors than the emerald. When the jade is colorless, the "bottom" is a comprehensive expression of species, water, luster, and clarity. When the jade is full of green or full color (orange, yellow, black, etc.), the color blends with the base. “Bottom” is a comprehensive expression of species, water, color, luster and clarity. It can be seen that the “bottom” of the jade contains two key elements and three general factors. The two key elements are texture (species) and transparency (water). The three general factors are the purity of the luster, the base color and the jadeite. Therefore, the evaluation of the merits of a jadeite finished product or semi-finished product "bottom" mainly depends on the effect of emerald and seed and water.

The "bottom" of jadeite is characterized by solid texture, compact structure, high transparency, lustrous and softness, the main color (green) and the base, and the coordination of the whole ornament and the beginning. After the processing, the clean and delicate jade jade material has a very smooth surface and is transparent and radiant under the illumination of light. It can fully reflect the charm and aura of the jadeite jade pieces. The business people in the jade world call this phenomenon Treasure is full." The pros and cons of the "bottom" are directly related to the processing quality and ornamental effect of jade jade, which affects the quality grade and commercial value of jade jade pieces.

Many people confuse the concept of "species" and "bottom" when purchasing jadeite. In fact, there are essential differences between the two. The focus is on the microscopic indicators of the internal structure of the jade, and the bottom is the external, macroscopic overall feeling. In general, the difference is the bottom, but the bottom is not necessarily good.

Therefore, when selecting the jadeite product, the player must not only look at the seed, but also look at the bottom, look at the pros and cons of the color, and see if the jade is clean and dirty, and see if there is any grain or crack.

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