Japanese textile companies make noodles with wood pulp: healthy low-calorie gluten-free

Japan is a big noodle country. Nowadays, the old-fashioned textile company “Near 绢” has also taken a foot, drawing on the raw materials and technology of producing rayon, extracting cellulose from wood pulp and blending with konjac to create a gluten-free noodle. It is free of fat and gluten, has very low calories, and tastes and tastes better than konjac noodles. Taking 0.45 kg of noodles as an example, the calorie of pure wheat noodles is 1538 calories, and the calorie of wood pulp noodles is only 27 calories. Kinki Corporation named the flour that made this noodle "cell food", which will be launched next year, with an estimated monthly supply of 30 tons. Mr. Jian Jiangang, manager of the strategic material development department of Kinki, said, “We are entering the food industry” and the company plans to invest 1 billion yen (about 51.9 million yuan) to build a “cell food” production workshop. (Qiao Ying) [Xinhua Newsletter]

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