What brand of children's down jacket boy down jacket how to match

Cold weather, we have to consider the coat ah, ah, jacket, ah, so down jacket, and so on, and of course the huge warm down jacket. But now the clothing market bigger and bigger, adulteration or lower quality down jacket will be more and more, then how to choose a good down jacket? Xiaobian think we should find a brand, after all, there is quality assurance, the so-called ran monk can not run the temple. Unlike some bulk sold may not find someone else. So what brand of children's wear down jacket is good? Xiao Bian today is brought to the brand fruit children's clothing, come together to look at it! Bingo brand children's clothing with high-quality goose down, velvet large, high degree of hollowness, fluffy, good resilience, these are the choice of down jacket to pay attention, and only these can meet the real play a role in warmth. Into the winter, choose clothing or mostly dark lines, in line with the current atmosphere and the environment. This military green short paragraph down jacket, very simple and elegant, showing the boy's style, very stylish. Boy Well, always like to run around, rub rub, so choose a dirt-resistant will be better. The black words may be a bit ordinary, not much prominence, then this gray is both dirty and stylish, both. Take a striped sweater inside, the use of dazzling yellow for the whole body to increase the color factor. Coupled with wild jeans, this mix is ​​warm and stylish handsome. And this camouflage down jacket, a more stylish sense of Oh, very trendy temperament. No serious military service, but increased the trend of the modern trend. Coupled with a navy blue overalls, but this year's popular style Oh, clever and natural wear out of the cool feeling. Wide leg, which then hidden a fall pants can not see Oh! With a ginger casual shoes, very personal. Bourbon brand children's clothing, each design is full of young vitality, so that children exudes their innocence, vitality and unlimited childlike. Select children's clothing, go to the bingo children's clothing. Picture credit: bingo children's clothing

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