Today, I watched the snow drifting in the cold night! Emerald snowflake

Snowflake cotton is a very unique phenomenon in jade. Usually, only the wood material has this unique scene of "skyscrapering snow". At the beginning, snowflake cotton has a serious polarization in the eyes of jade players. Players who like snowflake cotton can't put it down. The jade without snowflake cotton will not be purchased in perfection, but the player who does not like snowflake is considered to be an obvious impurity in jade. Good or bad, there is no very fixed formula. Many times rely on their own aesthetics, as well as the feeling and understanding of quality.


There are many kinds of "cotton" in jade, and snowflake cotton is the most unique one among all jadeites. It is characterized by pure white color and lightness. It floats inside the jade and blends with the species, becoming part of the structure, clean and clean, and numerous in quantity. And the distribution is dense and dense, even and orderly.

Snowflake cotton is not the same as cotton. Snowflake cotton is very unique and the process of formation is very difficult. Snowflake cotton can be formed in the environment of low temperature and high pressure, and the snowflake cotton jade is extremely precious. It has pure bloodlines and quality, and its output is extremely rare.


How do you look at snowflake cotton?

1, first look at the bottom, the bottom is turbid, not clear, do not, in other words, is more than ice. Snowflake cotton should be combined with excellent water to show that the snowflake is all clear, and the beauty of the grain, such as frost and snow, adds a picturesque mood to the clear water. The good snowflake cotton is not floating on the surface of the jadeite, but is hidden inside the jade piece. The light transmission is obvious, but it is looming when worn. The cotton spots are preferably small and the distribution should be even, light and delicate, the quantity should be moderate, too much. Then lose the aura, too little and lose the atmosphere of the sky.


2, look at the cotton point. Cotton dots have four aspects: size, number, distribution, and the boundaries of cotton dots. Under the premise of even distribution, the number of cotton spots does not have to be more, uniform, and artistic conception is the most important. It is necessary to make people feel aura and have a pleasing feeling, that is perfect~


We usually buy jade, basically four colors of red, yellow, green and purple or colorless ice, and snowflake cotton is a kind of "color" which is unique and rare in jade. I think she is a color, with Unlike the charm and personality, it is no wonder that those who love her will always love it.


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