Wedding Ring Private Customization First China

Wedding Ring Private Customization First China
In the wedding season of May, Jinshimeng jewelry first introduced the 150-year-old German GERTSTNER wedding ring to the Chinese market.
As an outstanding representative of wedding ring manufacturing, GERTSTNER has passed through six generations and has been in over 150 years. It has become one of the oldest and largest wedding ring manufacturers in the world and enjoys a good reputation worldwide. For more than 100 years, GERTSTNER has been committed to combining the best quality and purest materials with leading global innovative production technologies to show the world excellent German wedding ring manufacturing process and excellent service.
As a symbol of loyal love and eternal promise, wedding rings have an extraordinary position. With the highest product quality and sincerity in production, we express our eternal true love to our loved ones. It is a promise that GERTSTNER, which has a history of 150 years, sticks to our customers.
Unique and timeless engraving
Behind each diamond there is a wonderful and moving story, each wedding ring has its own unique beauty and characteristics. GERTSTNER should be designed to meet the different needs of each guest, realize their dreams, and achieve the perfect balance between the customer's inspiration and GERTSTNER's rigorous appreciation of jewelry design standards, so that each pair of wedding rings are unique top The work symbolizes your unique transcendental taste, carries the most precious memories, and is engraved with eternity.
Highest Honor Wedding Ring Model
GERTSTNER, who has more than one and a half century of wedding ring manufacturing experience, has been the best wedding ring manufacturer in Germany for 11 consecutive years. In the third Platinum Jewelry Design Competition hosted by the 2012 International Platinum Association, the GERTSTNER wedding band won the platinum design award. All these achievements depend on GERTSTNER's unremitting insistence on product quality over the past 100 years, setting a global paradigm for customizing wedding rings.
The German craftsmanship for generations of excellence has made GERTSTNER the long-established custom wedding ring leader in the world.
Pure material creates eternal
With the gold material, GERTSTNER no doubt has absolute control. Only high-quality, precious metals that do not contain nickel can be used to make the GERTSTNER wedding band. You can choose your favorite wedding ring gold in pure gold, white or rose. The noble metal alloy forged by the cold forming technology has improved dramatically in both quality and hardness compared to the alloy produced in the conventional process. As a result, GERTSTNER's wedding rings are often more resistant to scratches and are of the highest quality and timeless.
Excellent craft perfect wedding ring
For many years, GERTSTNER has insisted on hiring professional technicians with rich experience and hand-crafted skills while continuing to invest in high-tech technology. Exquisite and complicated wedding ring styles are all handmade by GERTSTNER's professional technicians. With special techniques and construction methods, with high-tech equipment and precision instruments, and the ultimate grinding with time-consuming labor, instead of rapid processing of surface plating. GERTSTNER ensures that every GERTSTNER wedding ring meets the unique requirements of consumers for their true love commitment.
The unremitting pursuit of design makes our products take into account both quality and comfort. More than 150 years of experience in the production of wedding rings have made every GERTSTNER wedding ring a “ring of life”.
The exquisite craftsmanship combined with leading innovations has made GERSTENER the perfect wedding ring. Each GERTSTNER wedding ring is equipped with an authoritative certificate to promise you: GERTSTNER perfect wedding ring with the highest quality and purest material.