Jewelry "micro-shaping" is divided into two categories: optimization and processing

< p> Half a month ago, the incident of Xiamen Dongfu dyeing agate was soaring. The beauty of Meizhou in Quanzhou was a little nervous: the jewels and jade that are usually worn will not be "moved". This involves the optimization and handling of jewelry.

Jewels that are optimized or treated, like being shaped, they look more beautiful and purer. In fact, this kind of jewelry is not just a kind of agate. The red sapphire, emerald, amethyst or jade that are common in our lives may be optimized or processed.

Jewelry micro-shaping

Jewelry "micro-shaping" is divided into two categories: optimization and processing

For the optimization and processing of gemstones, we dubbed "plastic surgery." So, what is the optimization and processing of gemstones? According to Liu Zuojun, a national registered jewelry inspector, jewelry optimization and processing refers to all methods of improving the appearance and durability of jewelry and jade, in addition to cutting and polishing. It is divided into two categories of optimization and processing.

“Optimization” means that the structure of the gemstone is not destroyed. There is no addition of foreign substances. It is traditional and can be accepted by the market, such as heat treatment. “Processing” destroys the gemstone structure and adds or removes foreign substances. Traditional, not easily accepted by the market, such as filling and dyeing.

Gemstones are both "good" and have disadvantages

Since heating only changes the appearance, changes the color of the gemstone, or changes the influence of the inner inclusion on the appearance of the gemstone, it is more acceptable to the public. So, what are the jade stones that are optimized around us?

According to Liu Zuoyu, in terms of jade, the red dragonfly in the jadeite is heated and the color will be more vivid. However, there are advantages and disadvantages. The heated red dragonfly is easy to lose water and the surface will be dry. Among the gems, the red sapphire will become more transparent and bright when heated. The amethyst can be turned into citrine or ametrine when heated. In addition, the most popular tanzanite in the near future is also heat treated.

“Heating will make the jade more beautiful, but it will also have an impact on the value of the gem. For example, the diamond can be made whiter and the color level can be increased by high temperature and high pressure. Compared with the same quality diamond. The color change is relatively cheaper. Especially the difference between the carats and diamonds will be more obvious. One carat may be a difference of one or two thousand.

The gemstone treatment, mainly emerald filling, dyeing, that is, we commonly known as jade B goods, C goods; topaz, that is, topaz, generally will be treated by irradiation to change the color; and most of the natural tourmaline have different degrees The cracks, in general, the tourmaline bracelet will be glued to fill and consolidate the cracks in the tourmaline material to avoid cracking of the material and change its aesthetics and durability.

It is understood that the national standard stipulates that jewelry optimization does not require special instructions, and the processed instructions must be marked.

How to identify "plastic" jade?

The industry believes that the optimization of the treatment of gemstone should be objectively understood and cannot be negated. Because gemstones are scarce, the jadeite that has been optimized or treated is a supplement to the traditional market. It is not worthless and still has market value.

“But beware of some unscrupulous merchants who sell low-value jewellery and pretend to be of higher value natural jewellery.” According to industry insider Chen Xiangxi, some merchants on the market have blurred labels, such as “filling or dyeing jade”. The word "Jade", some consumers bought it back and found that it is not natural.

Then, how should the people identify the jadeite that Quanzhou citizens love?

Chen Xiangyu mentioned a few points, a look at the gloss. Compared with natural jade, the gloss of B and C goods will be bleak. However, this has to be worn for a while to appear. Second look at the color. After dyed jade, the color will be unnatural. For example, a half of a bracelet is purple and half is yellow, with no transition in between. Moreover, natural jadeite is basically variegated or impurity-free and cannot be removed. Therefore, consumers who are pursuing “very clean” are often prone to misunderstanding.

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