Small fresh or small Mensao this spring men with color final say

What other season than the spring and summer so that boys can also be implacably put on a variety of bright colors? Always summon people's desire for color on sunny days! Vivid colors are not long just girls patent! Whether it is Mensao pink, red, or fresh blue, green, boys can still HOLD live! Aden Fortress England upstart 2014 spring and summer series Maussane type of color: red, pink, red sweater with a blue shirt or light-colored shirt, will show a unique male sunshine flavor, the same handsome . Pink suit will make boys look more romantic taste, the color of the match also should pay attention to the contrast. Aden Fort · England upstart 2014 spring and summer series of small fresh colors: light blue, light green small fresh colors are naturally able to think of a variety of blue, green. This color solid color small suit in the spring men's new product is not uncommon, but also very easy to match. Whether it is with the same color of the shirt or pants, or linen, white and other light-colored single product with very good points!

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