New children's wear with children's fashion trend with matching skills

What is the most popular style of this season? We bid farewell to the monotonous summer, the season to be a good match, autumn and winter is the best season to show the skill, how do you want to dress up children? New children's wear with fashion trends, so that children learn to wear clothing with skills. Autumn and winter are more boring season, how to be more dynamic with it? Do not need dazzling clothing embellishment, simple classic color dress, black shirt with Slim jeans, with a bright leopard scarf to become the finishing touch , The boy is a simple purple jacket with a plaid shirt, jeans get, simple fashion sense. Black classic achievements, this autumn and winter, we continue to challenge the black and white, the classic is not to surpass, but the classic is the transformation of fashion, these two models with black, adult design more prominent fashion sense, black color stitching shirt, white shirt Collar embellishment is very cute it! Black leather jacket with a plaid shirt, a small adult dress to wear a mold-like. (Source: Michelle children's clothing 2013 autumn and winter new)

Fabric for choice: roller, zebra, shangri-la, and can dyed colors, printed the photos, jacquard the design you like, refer the actual sample.

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