Opal effect

Why do people like opal? Is it because it is precious, or is it because it has a magical effect? I think everyone knows the value of opal. So today Xiaobian will introduce the role of the opal for everyone, let everyone further understand the opal, to really like it, the following is about the role of opal.

Opal effect

The effect of opal is mainly reflected in:

First, promote blood circulation, help people enhance memory, and help people relieve fatigue.

Second, promote cell metabolism, activate cells, thereby accelerating the body's metabolism, excreting harmful substances in the cells, and balancing endocrine disorders.

Third, promote inflammation subsidence, eliminate swelling and pain, improve gastritis, enteritis, nephritis, arthritis, shoulder and cervical spondylitis, lumbar muscle strain symptoms, great help for middle-aged and elderly.

Fourth, you can adjust your blood pressure in both directions. People with high blood pressure can lower their blood pressure.

Fifth, improve the oxygen carrying function of red blood cells and reduce blood viscosity.

Sixth, enhance and improve the body's immune function, improve the body's resistance to disease, and have a curative effect on various senile diseases such as heart disease and coronary heart disease. Seven, improve blood lipid metabolism, have a cholesterol-lowering effect. Can improve the symptoms of diabetes.

It can be seen that the role of opal is quite extensive, and friends who like it can choose several models and choose several models for themselves or relatives and friends! It is a good choice for gift giving.

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