Profile coat with silhouette coat fashion Raiders

Winter is just around the corner, and a warm coat is a must-have for every girl's closet, but the effect of trying to get out of the tall, thin skin is not that easy to manage. In recent years, the show floor, different types of silhouette coat beautiful debut, has become the latest popular product, profile coats Qiao Slim, "type" take a fall and winter significant body figure, of course, coat the autumn and winter swept your profile bar .


Mustard color is a popular color in recent years, the plant color is always welcome, represents the vitality and smart, this profile coat coat combines the latest pop elements, layered lapel design very creative color, Stature of the arc is also obvious, not simply large, but there is connotation of the profile. The collar's cute pattern decoration, interpretation of another artistic beauty.

廓型大衣搭配 廓型外套时尚攻略

Pure sky blue instantly calming the impetuous heart, the woman's second skin gives the woman a different temperament, this profile coat coat three rows of black buttons will be practical and decorative blend together, wave point backing The eversion of the youthful vitality of the slowly, interpretation of happiness in gestures.

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