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"Sun Yat-Sen Warrior Moon Warfare" once said: "The weather, geography, and people are not allowed to be three, although they are better than others." Here is the importance of time, location, people, and whether you can do anything. To account for these three factors, then the success of the event is relatively large. Similarly for the operation of the store can also be analyzed in accordance with these three factors.

Stores occupy an important position in the company's sales channels, due to a number of factors, the sales performance of the shops are uneven. Surprisingly, in the sales performance comparison of more than 2,000 stores nationwide, the top-ranked stores did not even belong to the economically developed eastern coastal cities, but to a capital city that is relatively backward in the western economy. In view of this situation, the author conducted an in-depth investigation and study of the shop, summed up the following points:

The first is the weather, attributed to corporate brand image.

The products of the author's company belong to the first-line brands of similar products and are positioned in the middle-to-high end. The target consumer groups are white-collar workers and business people with better income. The company has entered the market for many years, due to regional differences, sales performance is generally, but the company does a better job in maintaining the brand image:

1, advertising in place.

The company pays more attention to advertising. The headquarters invested heavily in brand promotion, and the nationwide media provided more coverage and coverage. The branch’s advertising in the region is also very selective. Instead of choosing TV or newspaper media, it chooses street signs, public transportation ads and magazines that are closer to consumers. This not only achieves the differentiation of the propaganda means of the head office, maximizes the advertising audience, but also saves advertising costs.

2, the product with a reasonable.

The product is always the motive force that inspires consumers to purchase. Whether the product style meets consumer preferences or whether the product structure meets consumer needs is a direct factor that affects sales.

In recent years, the head office has increased its efforts in product research and development, and it has greatly improved both in style and appearance. The branch company also chooses local products for the local actual consumption. Of course, this choice is conditional, and not everyone can participate in the selection. Under normal circumstances, they are first-line sales personnel. They have the most contact with consumers and most understand consumer preferences. Most of the selected products are welcomed by consumers.

3, unified price maintenance.

Price is a double-edged sword. The use of good can increase sales, and poor use can also affect sales, hurt brands, and use price cuts as the main means of stimulating sales. The author believes that this is "sting and quenching thirst." In the past, the author worked in a certain area of ​​the market. Because of fierce competition in the market, in order to increase sales, the person in charge of the market and his rivals waged a price war. There is no doubt that there is no advantage in competition between a first-tier brand and a second- and third-tier brand. Although it was beginning to have a little effect, but later it became dull, so the price dropped again and again, but the effect was not obvious at all. It was like "lazy donkeys". You pumped a whip. It took a few steps and you didn't smoke it. If you don't move, not only will it be difficult to increase sales, but it will also put a lot of pressure on the new listing, leading to the brand becoming a low-end brand in the minds of consumers. However, things always have their two sides, which is also a price reduction. It can also promote the healthy growth of sales.

The person in charge of the market attaches importance to the maintenance of price in the region and implements the principle of uniform regional price. The price reduction follows the principle of "planning, gradient, section, and gradual reduction." Normal price cuts are relatively small, but once promotions or price cuts are held, consumers will respond enthusiastically. They consider themselves to be cheap and the brand image has not been compromised in the least.

4, good after-sales service

In the increasingly serious product and price homogeneity, the role of after-sales service is becoming increasingly prominent, and good after-sales service is an important means for to guarantee the customer's “return rate”. The company pays great attention to the construction of after-sales service and tries its best to resolve customer's dissent and problems. On the other hand, it pays much attention to customer relationship management, establishes detailed customer profile, establishes a customer club organization, and gives appropriate discounts to old customers.

Under the premise of adhering to the above principles, after years of quietly brewing the company, the brand's popularity and reputation have been greatly enhanced, and it has established a high-end image in the minds of local consumers.

Followed by the geographical location, attributed to the site selection.

When talking about real estate, Mr. Li Ka-shing, the richest man in China, said a famous saying: "Location, location, or location." Similarly, the quality of retail locations plays a crucial role in sales performance. The author believes that before choosing a lot, we must also locate the lot, and only the position that is in line with the positioning of the company's products is appropriate. The reason why the store sells well is due in large part to the location of the store.

1. Located in the most prosperous streets in the city center, the flow of people is very large, tens of thousands of people, mostly white-collar workers and young people.

2. Many similar international brand stores are distributed along the street. This form of intangible advantage of a "big money", for the promotion of brand image is of great benefit.

3. There are many high-end office buildings and communities nearby. The target group has a higher overall spending power and is consistent with the target consumer groups of the company.

In the end, people and people are attributed to management of store personnel.

This is the most uncertain and most important factor affecting sales performance. A good store must have a good sales team. To build such a good team, the most important thing is the selection of the manager. The manager acts as the manager of a store. Its management ability and management style directly affect the will and atmosphere of the entire sales team. Just like Li Yunlong's saying in "Sword of Light", "The style of a troop is deeply influenced by the style of the first governor. No matter how it changes in the future, its spirit will not change."

The manager of the store is an experienced front-line salesperson who has a deep understanding of the management of the store. During the conversation with the store clerk, they can deeply feel their enthusiasm for work and respect for the store manager. The excellent manager is not necessarily an excellent salesperson, but he must be an excellent manager. He can form a united team of salespeople to stimulate the passion and energy of all staff. Only the team's strength is the greatest. .

"There is no way to accumulate, no more than a thousand miles." Good sales performance requires all factors to work together and long-term accumulation. The emergence of bad sales situations requires only one of them to go wrong. "Thousands of miles of embankment, collapsed in the ant hole," this also said!

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