Vanke 2012 thin flannel shirt exclusive come out

After the fall of autumn the weather turned cool, the trend of summer clothing discount sales is nearing completion, whether it is offline clothing brands or online electricity providers, have begun shelves autumn new products. Internet fast fashion brand Eslite recently launched heavyweight 2012 flannel shirt, the new registered users that you can 68 yuan experience price to buy. It is reported that where the passenger launched the light flannel shirt innovation on the fabric, a piece of clothing is only 100 grams, 60% of the weight of conventional basis section, suitable for consumers to wear in the autumn season. Where the passenger took the lead into the autumn shirt market, according to market understanding, similar sales flannel shirt Uniqlo and other brands nowadays products are still common. Flannel shirt as a result of gorgeous color style, soft and comfortable touch, in recent years has become a fashion person must take a single autumn and winter. Wherever this Qingqing flannel shirt, in ensuring the light at the same time, but also enhance the effect of sanding, to avoid tearing, through all the customer's strict quality control. LWF-light flannel wild casual long-sleeved shirt men blue and green small checkerboard LWF-thin flannel wild casual long-sleeved shirt women blue and purple check for why the customer in advance of such products launched in August , Where the relevant business shirt shirt division introduced, "Now many cities are late summer and early autumn, the traditional clothing brand due to the design and production and sales channels of multiple links, often too late to produce this relatively small minority of light Series of products, will ignore this transitional period.While customers rely on the rapid response mechanism of the Internet, and based on the entire network of more than 15 million users purchase coverage, the introduction of these light flannel shirts have inherent advantages. "In fact , The vast majority of apparel brands are also 'selling summer', the autumn market is listed one year earlier than the year to extend the sales cycle, after all, the gross margin of the autumn is higher than the summer. It is understood that where the passenger light flannel shirt in addition to the fabric made enough thin innovation, in style, pattern and so on are in the forefront of fashion. Such as: flowers from Italy's top fabric show, reflecting the true trend of Europe's color; application of new ultramarine, so that the old lattice glow fashionable modern style; chevron pattern makes the simple flower design presents a general three-dimensional Sense; it is the traditional suit fabric pattern quoted to the stylish avant-garde shirt, more retro leisure. At the same time, the neckline, cuffs in these places where detail, where off the French flannel shirt to ensure very spacious feel, but also collar and placket at the neck with cash booze hit color mosaic, so that the whole shirt more layered; cuff hexagonal The design not only reflects the rough sense of tooling, but also to avoid the appearance of the regular wear and refuses to accept post. It is reported that where customers will be more in September to launch more models more extensive style flannel shirt, nearly 30, over 200 flowers, will bring endless choices for users.

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