New York Fashion Week a $ 865 million revenue assessment Fashion industry tax 2 billion

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on the 13th that the New York Fashion Week twice a year and related industries are expected to generate a revenue of $ 865 million for New York City this year. This figure, calculated by the New York City Center for Economic Development Research, was higher than the forecast of 77.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2007. The New York Fashion Week is held twice each in February and September, and the 2012 New York Fall / Winter Fashion Week 2012 is being held at the Lincoln Center in New York on the 9th and will end on the 16th. "We are the fashion capital of the world," said Bloomberg. "We're going to do everything we can to support the New York-based fashion business and ensure they are constantly evolving here to create jobs and contribute to our economy." Support and Development The fashion industry is an important part of Bloomberg in developing the city's diversified economy. He said the New York City government will continue to support innovation in the fashion industry by giving preferential policies on fashion design and fashion education so as to maintain New York's leading position in the world's fashion industry. Bloomberg's new programs include short-term MBA programs in support of the Fashion Institute, training for promising fashion designers in marketing, operations management and retail knowledge, low-cost studios for fashion designers, and fashion business parks A series of support and so on. According to information provided by the New York City Government, New York City has more than 500 fashion shows each year, attracting more than 230,000 people. The apparel industry is vital to New York City's economy. With more than 900 fashion houses in New York City employing more than 170,000 employees and 5.7% of New York City's workforce, it generates nearly $ 2 billion in tax revenue each year in New York City.

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