9 tips on how to wash linen fabric

The breathability of linen fabrics is far greater than that of pure cotton fabrics, and at the same time it is harder to knit than cotton, making the cost of linen-based products such as linen sheets, linen tablecloths and linen towels very high. Linen fabric color easy, and other fabrics are also very good integration, which also added some difficulty to its daily care. As we often say: First, read carefully the washing instructions on your linen wash. Although all pure linen skirts, gowns, pants and shirts are machine washable, the trim or linings made of other fabrics may require dry cleaning. Ignoring or ignoring the washing instructions threatens to ruin your clothes. Cleaning Tips 1 When washing linen clothes, be sure to set the washing machine to "gentle washing". If your washing machine can choose the water level, be sure to choose the maximum water level, so you can give your clothes more free space. Cleaning Tips 2 Do not wash too much clothes at once, otherwise it may cause your clothes to distort. Cleaning Tips 3 If there are other materials in the washing machine, make sure they are similar in color, weight and washing style to linen. Cleaning Tips 4 If it is hand-washing, pay attention to be gentle - do not scrub or twist your linen clothes. For not particularly dirty or loosening of linen clothes we usually recommend hand washing, so that you can completely avoid the washing machine may be damaged. Cleaning Tips 5 Linen and linen must be washed with cold or warm water - you can not use ice water or hot water. Cleaning Tips 6 Linen should only be washed with a mild detergent and to ensure that there are no residues of lotion before drying. Cleaning Tips 7 If your linen clothes are pre-washed during production (you can check their labels before buying clothes, as you will find above), it can be completely dried with a dryer. Simply set the dryer to a low temperature and throw it into the dryer while the linen is still wet. Cleaning Tips 8 When drying linen clothes, try to keep the surface flat. Hangers or clothespins may leave marks on your clothes and may cause the clothes to distort. Cleaning Tips 9 If your linen clothes need to be ironed, iron it while it is still wet.

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