What is European root yarn fabric yarn root dress how to match

European root yarn is what fabric? Organza, also known as Ke Gen yarn, European root yarn, the English name: Organza is a wedding fabric, the texture of transparent and translucent veil, used to cover the satin or silk top. Organza material is very popular this summer, a sense of perspective Si Da Daisuo organza dress really super cents! Pompon skirt and added a lovely feeling, like the root of the dress, the root of the girl with a small series to take a look!

什么是欧根纱面料 欧根纱连衣裙要怎么搭配

Elegant blue Floral Eugen yarn sleeveless dress, fresh, simple, version is also very crisp, even wearing the skirt will have their own type slightly bloom! Micro-punk skirt can visually stretch the leg lines, the legs will look slender, the whole skirt presents a dim dreamy visual effects! With white high heels and simple hair accessories, beautiful and moving.

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