Chiffon floral blouse with a chiffon vest with a cool change over a summer

Summer out of the street the main choice of cool dress, seemingly simple vest, bringing people not only cool and cool, but also take a ride to wear models. Street beat tide is the favorite people, including chiffon fabric vest with a more eye-catching and more comfortable, the girls out on the street this summer to wear it!

雪纺碎花上衣搭配 雪纺吊带背心百变搭配 清凉过一夏

Pink floral vest, chiffon fabric in the summer will make you feel very cool, with elegant and fresh printed chest and flounced chest design is also full of charming and sexy, with a black high waist pants , Han Fan high-heeled shoes, together with the sun-shades and retro bags easy to the streets.

Credit : Leah Lisa Womenswear

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