Black and white striped dress with horizontal stripes vertical stripes which is even more thin

Now striped styles are more and more, there are a variety of stripes styles horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, irregular stripes, a variety of stripes style so that we have more choice, but some stripes only suitable for thin girl to wear, how Choose thin stripes style it? Example ladies to teach you.


Horizontal stripes dress style, horizontal stripes are more suitable for the thin crush wear, because the horizontal stripes will be relatively thin, no one wants to horizontal development of their own body, this dress is not recommended fat crush wearing, horizontal stripe style personality avatar Embellishment, full of personality, piercing the streets absolutely dazzling.

黑白条纹连衣裙搭配 横条纹竖条纹哪个更显瘦

Vertical stripe dress style, this comparison was thin, suitable for the public taste, that was thin and personality, although with the piece dress is the same series, but the vertical stripes will be more lean, three-dimensional is also particularly strong, so The waist style body full, hem is also more stylish flower design.

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