Swim skirt look good? Flying skirt to create full temperament

In the summer will find that walking on the streets are temperament beauty. Xiao Bian also have deep experience, walking next to them, there will be a kind of relaxed and happy feeling. How to wear will look temperament it? The following small series for everyone to introduce two sleeveless Swallowtail skirt, so that the pleasing skirt show your elegant posture, elegant attitude.


This yellow-colored sleeveless harness dress simple style, high-waist was thin design for all girls. The printing element is very ethnic style. Irregular length of the Dove skirt elegant style, fresh and charming. Whether walking on the beach or by the sea, it is definitely a beautiful landscape.


This sleeveless stripe dresses dress kind of fresh and refined feeling. Do not need colorful embellishment, black and white is also very classic look good. Skirt lightweight texture, waist design, was thin and refreshing. With a pair of black high heels, will highlight your ultimate charm, earning rates.

Pictures from: Women's clothing at a glance

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