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Do you know the Louis Vuitton leather goods, Louis Vuitton you know the clothes, but you know this luxury empire for the traditional writing instrument made the ultimate beauty it? Before the Venice tour of Louis Vuitton, we visited the first temporary "writing space" temporary store in the culturally rich Saint-Germain district of Paris and tried several classic exquisite stationery, Engaged in such a chic exquisite experience. After going to Paris, can not go to the flagship store to buy Oh, be sure to go to this country filled with scholarly atmosphere feel different from the general boutique temperament culture.

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Most noteworthy is that this "temporary store" opened in December 2012 for a period of only one year! It mainly presents the cultural heritage of the traditional extension of the brand from generation to generation, and occasionally invites overseas artists, calligraphers and artisans to interact with each other and arrange the fields of leather, book binding, paper products, holster and printing Professional artisans on-site demonstration of production technology, and visitors feel the touch of contemporary writing culture. Inspired by the treasure chest of the 17th and 18th centuries and the library of the 19th century, the temporary store is designed with British gardens in it, making Louis Vuitton's cultural kingdom embody poetic elegance and modern writing style through brand building People, celebrities, customers, Louis Vuitton travel accompanied by supplies, to start a long journey of the writer's ink and calligraphy letters, writing media perspective to showcase its unique historical tradition.

Because Louis Vuitton family members more drunk heart incense and writing, collection of books is very rich and collect a lot of books, has published many limited edition hardcover books, is very fond of writing culture, space display of writing instruments, special ink, crystal ink bottle , Stationery boxes, suitcases, treasure boxes and even paper products series, interwoven Louis Vuitton writing culture history and creative traditions, color, texture, material staggered, each presented in the design of the object of writing. The old antique furniture in the space adds a bit of affinity to the atmosphere. In the early 20th century, the printing artisan's workbench exhibited all kinds of writing instruments, and a small tablecloth, writing instrument and pen at the end of the 19th century were displayed.

A jewelery cabinet in the twentieth century with inlay ink display racks displays the twelve color inks exclusively created by Louis Vuitton. The dazzling colorful colors set off noble and gorgeous qualities like royal palaces and subvert the traditional writing The environment. So all kinds of ingenuity design, creating a warm and comfortable space for writing space, filled with rich historical atmosphere, it is far away from the bustle of the country, into this quiet and quiet cultural country!

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