"To youth" set off another tide suits graduation season

"To our youth will eventually pass away" set off a wave of nostalgia, but also aroused a lot of people's memories of youth. Memories like a poison, youth turmoil, confusion have been affected by the years of mottling blurred, leaving only a deep memory, such as montage performance techniques, one by one, regrettable, and some do not rely on Yiyi Homes It can be said that the film "To Youth" is a collective memory of people in the 80s and 90s, cherishing the memory of those lush years. Caused people's collective nostalgia, not only the movie, more savvy businesses have also introduced such a theme. Such as Hong Kong Fashion Group another-Group2013 spring and summer series, seems to fit this nostalgia style, brought back 80,90 after the memory of youth. Youth is spacious, everything is good, only troubles, denim dress is not rebellious, but the personality of publicity. The courage to show their own pursuit of happiness era, stumble also tireless perseverance, it is also the spirit of the cowboy. Whether it is loose self-cultivation, or vest, that an unfettered mentality is the most rare. Jeans 80,90 students in the era of the necessary style, K * facto.2y men design elements into this year, one by one, still maintain the share of free and happy feeling, Yanli embroidery paint points, casual and age-sensitive , The color is the use of candy color contrast collision approach, more highlights the vitality of youth. Small round neck, non-reckless hollow lace detail design, jumping stripes with white plush shorts, the overall still maintain the classic appearance. Slightly old red, more deep sea soul taste, you will find that never fade from people's attention. MissK (New Age fashion sub-brand) this summer is not like the "lead to youth" actress red striped T-shirt, with her strong heart echoed each other, leaving a deep impression. Needless to say plaid shirt, and its interpretation of the College Wind, it is more representative of youth dress. Who did not wear checkered shirt in school? Checkered shirt always feel the most reliable. Practical and serious, perhaps the best character left when students wear checked shirt. Spliced ​​long skirts, is the most romantic representative of the student times it, leisurely pace, staggering posture, the most suitable for such a large skirt, stitching together, bit by bit to the dismay of youth. Although the gray tone of the different splicing, like a clip of a movie fragment, is a wandering in the urban forest elegant children. Suddenly think of "To youth" Douban Film Critics: Do not look for your tears and crying, to find your youth and your love, and then, they will come to light. Jeans, plaid, dress, will be included in the youth, do not worry encounter love, and after turning around to see her lightly!

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