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Now that children are becoming the mainstream of consumption, there are more and more people who open children's clothing stores. Many operators are confronted with various puzzles at the time of purchase, such as choosing their favorite style, sticking to their tastes, or choosing more First of all, grasp the display of the sales terminal, you have to find out the best store under each of the specifications display program can be divided into several areas, each area to display what goods, these goods have several series Several styles, several colors. The main goods sold goods, the concept of goods, with color goods, etc., how to allocate their proportion, these are very knowledgeable and scientifically based. One year summer sales are the longest! Summer clothes from the beginning of April into the strong sales, will be until the end of July, so early into the summer clothes can be more into the basic seldom appear Yahuo phenomenon, this time the main sales vest, short-sleeved, shorts, short skirts, shoulders Buttoned underwear and so on. September to mid-November is the underwear sales season, this time should go all out to make good underwear sales, including semi-high collar underwear particularly popular. From mid November to early November, this time mainly sales jackets, out of service, cotton, down jackets, cloaks, hats, scarves. In the underwear sales, partial cardigan can be sold throughout the year; lapel wear time is relatively short, the sales folder is mainly from August to October. As long as the seasons to grasp the main points of the purchase, when the more into the more into, keep in mind the sales of children's clothing market, according to the changing market, adjust the purchase approach, your children's clothing store will make a fortune throughout the year. Zhuowei International Group Co., Ltd. Contact: Manager Lu Mobile: QQ: Fax: Official Website: Guangzhou Zhuowei Dress Co., Ltd. Address: Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, 99 Zhuo Wei Business Building

Satchel, as the name suggests, is a bag that can be slanted back. Bags are no longer the exclusive right of women. Bags have become one of the personal belongings of men going out, especially the sloping bag, which is not only convenient but also generous. The structure design of the satchel determines the practical, durable and comfortable performance of the bag.

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