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To successfully lead the trend of fashion consumption, consumer psychology and consumer attitudes must be consistent with popular concepts, and bamboo clothing is such a product. In modern society, people are no longer simply concerned about beauty and charm, but will turn more attention to health. Bamboo from the perspective of consumer care, in strict accordance with the "ecological underwear " technical standards, carefully selected non-polluting natural bamboo fiber fabrics, the use of newly developed high-tech "nano-technology" treatment, strict control of production processes to ensure that products green Environmental protection, to provide consumers with healthy and pollution-free "ecological underwear."


Tianzhu underwear to ensure that all underwear fresh and soft, enhance the body's detoxification, antibacterial antibacterial, pest control moth. From the beginning, the rise of Tianzhu underwear industry is starting from the quality of the product now basically has returned to the upgrading of fabrics. Made of the latest nano and bamboo charcoal fibers. It is the darling of the new market, quickly set off a popular global storm. Tianzhu underwear with its almost perfect product, close to the female body shape health, and guide the body magnetic field natural detoxification, integration of fashion models, the perfect scientific and scientific said.

Polishing Felt

1. Polishing Felt Description

Huatao Polishing Felt occupies 80% of the Vietnamese polishing felt market. Hutao Polishing Felt Include Felt Polishing Pad and Felt Polishing Wheel, are widely used in various fields where the surface needs to be polished.

 Polishing felt

2. Polishing Felt Features

(1)Eco-friendly material;


(3)Good wearability and crisscross

(4)Super flexibility, anti-tearing, compressive resistance, seal, insulation, heat preservation, sound insulation

3. Polishing Felt Application

(1) To polish glass, glass utensils, crystal marble, jadeware, furniture

(2) To polish stainless steel plate, stainless steel parts

(3) To polish plastic outer covering, electronic component

(4) For auto polishing


Polishing Felt

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