Mothers must see: What to prepare newborn clothes?

Mothers in order to meet the birth of the baby, will be prepared in advance for their clothes, but for the first pregnant mom, which clothes to prepare them is also a big problem plaguing them, today Xiaobian to teach you what clothes are certain To prepare for the baby! Generally need to prepare for the baby monk collar or open shoulder hedging baby clothes 3 to 5 sets, outdoor socks 2 to 3, 1 to 2 sweaters, 2 cotton, cotton socks 2 to 3 pairs, a soft hat. 2 sets of cardigan jacket, small soft shoes 1 ~ 2 pairs, 1 small cloak, small bib 3 ~ 5. Do not need to buy too much, on the one hand, sometimes friends and family will also send some; on the other hand, the baby grow fast, the clothes will soon be inappropriate, buy more, after only idle. Do not choose to limit the baby's activities, wear off the clothes will make the baby uncomfortable. Also, the decoration of the knot, belt, beads, chain obligations do not choose, because it may entangle the baby's fingers and affect the safety of the baby. In addition, make sure that all your obligations can be quickly worn out. Because newborn babies need to change diapers frequently, clothes that change diapers directly will be more suitable. Cotton fabrics, good ventilation is more suitable. Size, the baby should grow very fast, larger size wear longer.

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