ECA women franchisee entrepreneurial support

As a global branded women's enterprise, ECA women always believe in benefiting consumers and enjoying personalized quality of life. As a result, ECA women earn profits and enjoy steady and high returns. Only ECA can develop and have opportunities. Based on this philosophy, ECA always considers how to make consumers experience the value of beauty brought about by ECA and make partner profit as the most important guide for development. The following is the October 2010 start on the "franchisee business support policy" details, some of the content is not listed because of confidentiality, please contact the Department of Merchants. Support Project Support Project Description Opening a package of 3,000 yuan Company Red envelopes sponsorship, opening Red basket gift and opening ceremony of the planning and support of the profit plan Target import analysis, risk assessment, marketing training and store operations program production Holiday activities and holiday marketing support Support for joint promotion programs during holidays, implementation of assistant programs, and support and sponsorship of bundles of additional products Travel Sponsors Introducing travel rewards for brand franchisees Gold Franchisee Rewarding System For the franchisees who have grown stronger, the company provides corresponding rewards system, For details, please refer to the contract section ECA Women as a global brand women's enterprises, always believe that consumers benefit, enjoy personalized quality of life, so that partners profit, enjoy steady and high return, ECA development, profit. Based on this philosophy, ECA always considers how to benefit consumers and makes partner profitability as the biggest two issues to be solved. Therefore, the ECA women's formally launched the 2011 franchisee business support program, for the confidentiality of commercial content, please contact ECA investment department for more information. The brand combines the romantic elegance of European costumes with the sophistication of Korean costumes to truly reflect the desire of modern women for beauty. Intellectually elegant, simple and stylish, original "sentimental appeal color" style, emphasizing the new luxury and self-enchanting sexy charm. Exquisite clothing with the overall match, generous yet feminine. Will be retro, classic and modern, fashion integration, designed to create a beautiful young women, confident youth image, reflecting the urban women passion, dynamic, high-grade fashion.