Striped dress look good? Striped dress how to wear more stylish

Autumn is a good holiday season, not only cool but also comfortable, especially in the holiday time to choose a holiday stripe dress is a physical and psychological transition. So how to wear a stripe dress more stylish? Here with Haijia Shi together to see it!


Quickly blue and white striped dress, bringing a fresh and pleasant atmosphere, shoulder sleeveless design, highlighting the beautiful shoulder curve, high waist design also set the perfect waist, with folds of the umbrella skirt, with naked Colored pointed high heels, retro navy style, fashion without losing the feminine soft and sexy.


Windbreaker version of the striped dress design, coupled with a large lapel, to highlight the small skeleton body. Coupled with blue and white streaks and white stitching hit the perfect spark, and dress Slim design just to show graceful curvy, skirt length is moderate, but also to avoid the embarrassment of walking.

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